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    Plasticizer flood and a debate
    Published:2011-06-29 15:11:53

     “we can not export, and use our own.” “Foreign people’s healthy worth money, do our domestic people’s healthy not worthy?”

      Company CEOs and industry experts this time against each other.

    This is in the end of October 2009 in Chengdu - the episode of China Plasticizer Industry Association at a meeting, the two sides of the controversy stems from the different phthalate plasticizers attitude. Companies have to rely on these products to sustain life - but opponents declare that it can not be at the expense of people's health.

      If not the recent plasticizers sandal recently happened in Taiwan, the debate on this industry conference may not be known by more people.

    Argument does not change anything, the use of plasticizers in many fields in China are legitimate, including a lot of contact with food products that may harm human health with the plasticizer, in a certain dose and conditions of use are in line with national standards.

     Nowadays, when people buy a cooked food in the supermarket and put the leftovers into the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap, hanging a bucket of plastic packaging of edible oil, plasticizer may penetrate into the food, and it will sink into your body when you eat the food.


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